Newest Obsession: Golden Tote

You guys.  I know I recently posted about Golden Tote and Stitch Fix.  I was a little conflicted in that post.  I am here to say that I am no longer conflicted.

I am sold out to Golden Tote.

Let met tell you about GT first before beginning my love fest.  Golden Tote is an online personal stylist service.  (New items are released the first Monday of each month.)

  1. Fill out a styling profile (I felt this was more in-depth than Stitch Fix)
  2. Choose your tote $149, $59, or $89 (prices effective 5/2).  What’s the difference?  The $149 tote: you pick two boutique items and your stylist will choose three personalize surprise items.  $59 tote: pick one boutique item and your stylist will chose one item for you as a surprise.  $89 tote: your stylist will choose three items for you.  Plus, you get an adorable tote each and every shipment; new totes rolled out each month.
  3. Decide if you want to add-on any items (So many cute things to choose from!  You can purchase shoes, accessories, other boutique items).  Incentive: free shipping on anything over $149.
  4. Stalk your account until your tote is shipped.
  5. Stalk your mail until your tote arrives.
  6. Trying on everything and posting  a reveal, is highly encouraged.

The thing that has made a big difference for me between Stitch Fix and Golden Tote is the online trading community.  With Stitch Fix, I would keep an item (sometimes just so I didn’t lose my styling fee) and send back what didn’t work for me.  With Golden Tote that is not an option – returns are more complicated.  However, with Golden Tote if I’m not happy with an item, there’s bound to be someone else looking for that item.  Win/win: I don’t have items taking up room in my closet knowing I’ll never wear them, and a fellow “Goldie” gets an item she’s been seeking.   This month, for example, I purchased a large tote, a small tote, and an add-on dress.  I was a little disappointed with my totes: I kept a top and a skirt.  I traded one dress even-up for another dress.  Everything else sold and I covered all but $25 of my tote.  So I got a high-quality top (that I got a ton of compliments on!) and a great, comfortable skirt, and a dress for a grand total of $25!  I’ll take that!

I’ll also admit that I have bought more than my fair share from the online community!

Please, know that I’m not trying to be negative toward Stitch Fix.  I still have love for Stitch Fix.   I am sharing Golden Tote with you because you might want to know.  I am looking for money-saving tips, and I feel like GT is a money-saver compared to SF.

Whichever you choose, keep posting reveals because I love seeing them!

4 thoughts on “Newest Obsession: Golden Tote

  1. Hmmm I do love the idea of selling/buying your items with other members of that community. I really really wish Stitch Fix had that sort of concept…especially because I often see clothing in other people’s reviews that I want!

    P.S. I have my own website now!! I went out on a limb and got my own domain name and self-hosted site : )


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