I Cheated (Stitch Fix & Golden Tote)


I have a confession to make.  I cheated, and I am glad I did.

To quote my Friend Ross Geller, “We were on a break!”

After a few unsuccessful Stitch Fix orders, I decided to give Stitch Fix a bit of a break.  I had been asking them for bright colorful things, and I kept getting muted things that just weren’t “me.”   Now, I get it. The point of paying for a stylist is that she will pull things for me that are out of my comfort zone.  But, black pants are not out of my comfort zone – they are what fill my closet.  The last thing I needed was more black pants.

Don’t get me wrong, I have not given up on Stitch Fix, and if they will have me back, I plan to go back.   In fact, I have a wedding next month and I’ve placed a Fix order to see if I can get a dress that will work perfectly for the wedding.  Maybe a pair of shoes, too.  Actually the shoes are really exciting me!  Check out Stitch Fix here.

I also thought I could use this time to save some money.  Summer is coming which means my paychecks will be stopped.  Taking a break is a good thing.

And then Golden Tote came in to my life.  I just wanted to peek; I wasn’t planning to get involved with another subscription.  It was just a small look. It can’t hurt to look, right?

But, you guys, Golden Tote is amazing!

How Are Golden Tote and Stitch Fix different?

Both are a personal stylist service.

Stitch Fix you pay a $20 styling charge, your stylist pulls five items just for you, and then mails them to you.  When your box arrives you do a happy dance and then you try everything on.  Notice you haven’t left your house, so you have access to your entire closet.  You can try on your items with anything in your closet!  You have three days to make your decisions.  You choose what you want to purchase, everything else goes back in the envelope they send, you plop that in the mail and off it goes back to the Stitch Fix geniuses.  You pay for the items you keep, minus the styling fee you’ve already paid.  If you keep all five items you get a 25% discount.

Items can be expensive.  I will admit to paying more than $80 for a pair of pants; I’d never do that in the store.

Golden Tote is a different kind of styling service.  You buy one of three size totes (large: $149; small: $49; surprise: $99).  You pay up front and it is, for the most part, all or nothing – you either keep the entire tote or your return the entire tote.  There’s a boutique where you get to shop.  Check it out here.   For the large tote you choose two boutique items, the small tote you choose 1, and the surprise tote you don’t choose any.  Your stylist then chooses items for you (large tote: 5-6 items, small 2 items; surprise 4 items) so each item averages out to be about $25 per item (significantly less expensive than Stitch Fix). New boutique items are added twice a month: the first Monday and mid-month.  The Golden Tote items are (from what I’ve seen) totally up my alley – lots of color and patterns!

Here are some of the items I received in my last tote:

Look at how cute the March tote bag is!


Michelle Harkins's photo.
First thing I noticed: color, patterns, a variety of materials!






Received: four tops and two dresses

Paid a total of $149.  Each piece averages under $25, plus a free tote bag.

Michelle Harkins's photo.
This was a boutique item I chose.  Loved it so very much; however, there was just something about the fit that was off.  I sold it on the Facebook group, and got back the money paid.  Win!
This was another boutique item I chose.  Love it.  Extremely comfortable and the fit is perfect!


Surprise #1: How cute is this?  I love the mixed patterns.  This is something I’ve seen from Stitch Fixers also, but I suspect I spent $20 less on it from Golden Tote.
Surprise #2: This is a super soft, asymmetrical top in a pretty peach color.  
This dress is the very reason I use subscription boxes.  I would have NEVER looked at this dress in the store, but once I put it on, I fell in love!  It is such a great fit; perfect for a night out!

Overall, I have to say that I’m not ready to give up on Stitch Fix, but I’ve fallen in love with someone new.  Golden Tote you’ve welcomed me well!   (Oh, there’s one other dress that didn’t fit me; I’m trying to sell it on Facebook.  If I cannot, I’ll probably gift to my niece!)

In fact, full disclosure, I have another tote arriving any day now.  Since I joined the facebook group, I’ve bought a total of five things online.   So much for taking a break in order to save money….

2 thoughts on “I Cheated (Stitch Fix & Golden Tote)

  1. Hmmm, I’m having a similar dissatisfied experience with Stitch Fix. This is convincing me to try Golden Tote…


    1. I’m loving Golden Tote a little too much. Negatives: paying up front, shipping takes longer than SF, items sell out of specific sizes. Positives: profile is more specific, items cost less per piece, the trade/sell community on FB is a lot more active making it easy to unload items that don’t work. So far I like the pieces better. Monday is the new tote for April (apparently everyone pounces on tote day) – the new items were shown on tumblr yesterday (I set up an account just to peek!!) if you want to see them! My referral code is linked here if you do decide!


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