Oscars Day!

Happy Oscars Day, everyone!

The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013.
The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013.

I love this day.  It’s my Super Bowl.  (I love Super Bowl, too, but .. well, you know what I mean.)  The red carpet is my favorite; I love seeing the Academy’s opinions put on display; I love the interviews the next day and the commotion.   I do not love the controversy of this year’s Oscars, but I am hoping that is put aside.

Every year my goal is to see all of the Best Picture nominees prior to the ceremony.  Every year I fail at meeting that goal.  I must say I came pretty close this year!   So here’s my film reviews and opinions (I’m only focusing on the top category).  May the best person/film win, but more importantly, may we all have fun!

Full disclosure: the one film on the list that I have not seen is The Revenant.  Yes, that’s right.  I have missed out on the one film that’s probably been the most talked about.


The Big Short   

the big short

If you ever told me I’d enjoy a film about the collapse of the financial industry, I’d tell you you must be insane.  However, this film made it make sense.  Is it accurate?  I, honestly, am not smart enough in this regard to know if it is or isn’t.  It seems plausible to me. Every character is flawed which helps make it believable.  The big names are unrecognizable enough that they don’t get in the way of the film.

Bridge of Spies   

bridge of spies

Here’s another topic I am not intelligent enough to know about.   If any of my education went past World War 2, it was at a glance.  I have never taken the time to learn about it, so what I know is what I’ve picked up along the way.  I do love me some espionage and I really love me some Tom Hanks.  That’s what drew me to the film.  Glad it did.  I thoroughly enjoyed this one.



Loved this film!  It came to me very highly recommended. Although I’ve got a great life here, one I wouldn’t change for anything, this film made me feel whimsical.  I got so wrapped up in the film that I wanted to up and move somewhere new and start over.  Well, it was a fun fantasy to explore while watching the film.  Beautifully filmed, also.

Mad Max: Fury Road  

mad max

Pretty sure I was supposed to really like this one.  I tried.   I like action films.  I like dark films.  I didn’t watch it until the nominations were made and I was shocked to see it on the list.  Maybe it was that cynicism that caused me to go in to feeling negative.  It was cool, but no thank you.

The Martian 


My favorite book read in 2015.  Saw this film opening weekend.  Probably my favorite film of 2015.  Those two things do not usually go hand-in-hand for me.  I’m becoming more of a Sci-Fi fan, and this just might have been the book/movie that made me cross over that line.

The Revenant   


As I said, this is the one on the list I haven’t seen.  I love Leo, love the roles he chooses.   Pulling for him to be the winner tonight!  (And I’ll see the film soon enough.)



Wow!  I don’t know how Jacob Tremblay was not nominated for his acting.  This kid was amazing.  Brie Larson was excellent, also, but Tremblay made me forget that he is an actor.  I really felt like I was peeking in on the experiences of a traumatized child. He remained in character even when not in the center of the action.  This is a film of nightmares.  It is haunting and nightmare-inducing, but glad I watched it.  I think this film will stay with me for a long time.



At first sound, this is not a movie I’d pick.  However, I’m so glad I watched it.  It is a really powerful look inside the horrific events that took place in the Catholic Church.  One thing this film did for me was make me thankful for the career path I chose.  At one point I wanted to be a journalist.  This film made me realize I am far too emotional for that.  Teaching pushes those limits, but I’m allowed to share my emotions, at times, when teaching!


My Predictions

Again, I’m only going to give my opinions on the top five (I can’t do support actress because I’ve only seen one of the nominees), and you have to keep in mind that I have not seen all of the nominated films.

Best Picture  I think it will be The Big Short.

Director  I know it’s not likely, but I have throw my support behind Lenny Abrahamson for Room.

Actor in a Leading Role  Though I haven’t seen the film, I’m giving my nomination to Leo.

Actress in a Leading Role  Sure, I’ve only seen two of these films, but I really hope Brie Larson takes this one home.

Actor in a Supporting Role  Sentimentally, I want Sly to win here; however, I think Mark Ruffalo deserves it.


What do you think?  What plans do you have for watching the Oscars?  What predictions do you have?


2 thoughts on “Oscars Day!

  1. I’m impressed you’ve seen most of these (and predicted some of the winners!) I think Brooklyn is streaming on Netflix or Starz or one of those, so I’m going to check it out this week. I hope Room is available soon!! I’m dying to see that – the book was so thoughtful.


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